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What is Smack Studio?

Smack Studio is a sandbox platform fighting game with built-in creation tools.

Players can create or edit in-game characters and stages with no modding tools, coding knowledge, or art degree required.

Animate 3D fighters from 2D sprites – upload your own sprites, and let our powerful technology automatically bring your character to full 3D life.

Export your creations as fighters with fully-customizable movesets and battle your friends!

Editing character properties in the Character Editor.

Creation made easy

Smack Studio’s Character Editor uses patented tech to dynamically draw 2D sprites with 3D depth, combining the accessibility of pixel art and the ease of 3D animation. No tedious frame-by-frame workflow required.

  • Create a fully-playable character in just 30 minutes using our powerful automation tools
  •  Share or browse creations within the community
  • Export your animations for use in any image editing program
Granite, Cora, Kaien, and Spry duking it out.

Compete online or offline

Veterans of the fighting game genre will find tight controls, fluid movement options, and excellent combo potential in Smack Studio’s core gameplay.

We’ve planned for both competitive and casual settings offering up to 8-player local VS. and high-intensity 1-v-1, free-for-all, or 2-v-2 matches online.

Smack Studio is built with rollback netcode in mind, critical for fighting games to ensure that you have a lag-free online experience. 

Smack Studio Team

Alec Dutch

Original Creator, Lead Developer

Past: Medical software engineer, recreational animator, and long-time platform fighter enthusiast

Favorite videogames:

David V. Kimball

Director of Marketing and Community

Past: Marketing leader, Brawl and Melee modder, Microsoft

Favorite videogame:
Super Smash Bros. Melee

Daniel Reis

Pixel Artist

Past: Artist for Coromon and other games

Favorite videogames:
Pokemon Sapphire, Monster Hunter, SSBM

Brett Ruys (aka Lunchbillion)

Character Animator and Artist

Past: Lead Artist at Studio Hip Sword, Animation Tutor at NGEN Room

Favorite videogames: Super Smash Bros series, Sonic Mania, Mass Effect, Soulcalibur, Disco Elysium


Content and Social Media

Past: Cosplayer, Streamer, and Content Creator

Favorite videogames: Wind Waker, Overwatch, Majoras Mask & Spelunky 2


Animator, Artist

Past: Martial artist, former pro wrestler. Previously animated in Rpg Maker and Fire Pro Wrestling World.

Favorite videogames:
Sonic Adventure, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past, Super Smash Bros series

Garrett Williamson

Composer & Sound Design

Past: Fortnite: Rocket Racing, Omega Strikers, No Straight Roads: Encore Edition, PUBG Mobile, METAGAME documentary

Favorite videogames: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart Double Dash, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Sonic Adventure 2

Howard Motley Jr.

Character Animator, Artist

Past: Music Producer, Controller Modder, Fighting Game enthusiast, Game Development, IT Support

Favorite videogames: Smash Series, Mabinogi, Monster Hunter, Virtua Fighter 5, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, GunZ the Duel, Rumble Fighter, Kurtzpel

Joseph Lee

UI/UX & C++ Programmer

Past: Hello New Neighbor Mod Creator, Kingdom Hearts 3 Mod Project, & Contributor to some public projects/mods

Favorite videogames:
Kingdom Hearts, Sonic Colors, Fallout, Tower Unite, & most Nintendo Games

Smack Studio Contributors

William Garrison

UX/UI Design

Past: Art Director @ AUTOFLYTE, Creative Director @ Galvanize Labs, Creative Director @ Geek Squad Summer Academy

Favorite videogames:
Ori & the Blind Forest


Character and Gameplay Developer

Past: Rivals of Aether Workshop (R-00, Gustav, Mojibake, Chess), Rivals of Aether Lucid Dream console

Favorite videogames:
Rivals of Aether, Path of Exile, Spore


Character Designer, Illustrator

Past: Wayforward Technologies (Unannounced Title), Rivals of Aether Workshop (Ash, Slashe, Dusk, Añi, ect.), Super Powered Battle Friends

Favorite videogames:
Sonic Adventure 2, Drawn to Life, Rivals of Aether

Gene Logan

Networking and Support Developer

Favorite videogames:
Ocarina of Time, Silent Hill, Dark Souls

AC Atienza

Graphic Designer, Animator

Past: Game design and graphic design for Kickstarter-funded board games

Favorite videogames:
Bastion, Slay the Spire

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Music – check out these awesome tracks featured in Smack Studio!

Press Coverage

Are you a member of the press, looking for info about Smack Studio? You can check out our press kit here, and contact us at for more info. We’d love to chat!