Your infinite stagelist

Harness Smack Studio’s powerful stage editor to create custom stages in minutes.*

Large or small, complex or simple – paint your platforms or draft from the Gallery to assemble the perfect arena for your custom fighters.

* Stage Editor is planned for a future release.

Wield powerful tools

Click with your mouse to draw platforms, or drag and drop pre-built objects from your sideboard so that you can move from brainstorming to brawling in minutes.

Create your vision

Paint textures on anything in your stage to add your own artistic touch! Use our built-in materials, or import your own textures for a unique look.

Once you’ve crafted your stage, adjust lighting, create a beautiful backdrop, and fine-tune a range of environmental settings. Set the scene and atmosphere for your battles.

Share and explore new worlds

Want to share your awesome design with the world? Upload your stage or download community creations from Steam Workshop.*

*Steam workshop stage-sharing is planned for a future release.

Experiments in progress…

We’re currently experimenting with tools to bring complex simulations like advanced lighting and background scenery into your toolkit.

We’re always exploring ways to give you more tools for your creations – and we look forward to seeing how you’ll use them!

Play the game for free

Click below to launch Steam and download our free demo.