Smack Studio 1.0 Release Month Revealed!

Today during OTK Games Expo, we unveiled July 2024 as Smack Studio’s 1.0 release date! Watch our reveal trailer below.

You may have also noticed some new characters, stages, and of course the latest footage of the Stage Editor.

Here’s a highlight real of some of the reactions of Smack Studio from during the event.

Thanks to everyone on the OTK team who worked with us to allow Smack Studio to be part of the OTK Games Expo show! We’re honored and delighted to have been a part of it.

Character Reveal Trailers

If you’ve been following us on Twitter / X lately, you may have noticed a few new character reveal trailers for Eben & Flow and Ari from Pizza Dash!

Eben & Flo

Eben & Flo are a dynamic duo in the heat of battle. With a slingshot and a baby dragon in your backpack, what more do you need?


For those of you already familiar with the stage Dash City from Pizza Dash, you will now also get to play as the main character from the game as well, Ari! This is also the reveal of our first Kickstarter Backer character – expect more soon (you may or may not have gotten a taste already from the release date trailer 😉)!

We cannot wait to share more with you in the coming weeks, so follow us on Twitter / X to see  character reveal trailers and more surprises!

Game Grumps in Smack Studio

Last month, the Game Grumps played as themselves on an episode! To say we were thrilled to work with them was an understatement.

Our team sure had some good laughs putting the characters together, and we were delighted to see the Grumps’ reactions as well. Special thanks to community member Erans for his assistance to our team in creating these characters!

For anyone who’d like to download and enjoy these characters themselves, you can download Arin and Danny on Steam Workshop.

We’ve also shared the uncensored, unbleeped versions in our Discord server for those who want to hear the Grumps’ full cussing voice lines, but please don’t share these versions on the Workshop.

Pirate Software Shout Out

As a complete surprise to our team, we were delighted to hear Pirate Software‘s thoughts on Smack Studio! He found us even before OTK Expo. Check out the video clip below.

If you’d like to see the entire moment, check out his Twitch VOD. He provides additional thoughts around the platform fighting genre in general and highlight the creativity of the community (also, give him a follow if you haven’t already).

More to Come

If you’re like us, and you can’t wait for the 1.0 Smack Studio release, please join us in Discord and share the hype. You’ll also have the added benefit of seeing the frequent updates in the #releases channel of new custom characters being created by the community.

As we mentioned earlier, we’ll be posting new updates on Twitter / X and our Discord announcements channel, so grab the @Insider role and keep your eyes peeled!