Smack Studio: New Sandbox Fighting Game Demo Coming Soon!

Welcome to the Smack Studio blog! As of this moment, we’ve just launched the Smack Studio website after more than four years of development on the game and its underlying animation software. Thanks for being here to witness this exciting (and slightly terrifying) moment in history! 😀

We’re currently gearing up to release a free demo on Steam, so if you join our mailing list we’ll have an activation key comin’ at ya soon! Here’s what you can expect from the upcoming demo release:

  1. Fully-functioning battle mechanics
    • The core gameplay mechanics have been fine-tuned over more than 4 years – so the game’s already a blast to play!
    • Battle with up to 8 players! Grab a friend (or seven) and administer a beating.
    • Playing solo? Get in some practice against our AI (can you beat them on level 9?)
    • If you’re a fan of the Super Smash Bros series, then you’ll find an easy transition to Smack Studio (we’re fans of Smash ourselves!) BUT, we’ve also added new gameplay mechanics not featured in other platform fighting games:
      • Chargeable aerial attacks – hold down the attack button to release your aerial attack at the perfect moment for devastating combo finishers
      • Unidirectional shields – get the drop on your opponent by attacking from behind
      • Parrying system lets you reflect projectiles – is your friend spamming fireballs? Release shield with proper timing to send one back in their face! (The ultimate satisfaction)
  2. Character editor to make your own fighters
    • Making these tools more accessible is our primary focus at the moment!
    • Not a talented artist? We’ve got you covered with simple mode: create a copy of an existing character and reskin it to quickly make your own character fully playable
    • Looking to step up your art game? Advanced mode is for you: full editor controls let you create custom animations and change everything about your character — note: this option may not be available in the first demo due to time constraints; but if not, we’ll make it available in a future version!
  3. Stage editor to create custom stages
    • We’ll have tools for varying levels of skill here, too
    • In the first demo, expect some simplified tools like drag and drop so that you can start drafting your stage ideas. We’ll have a full set of advanced tools coming in a future version!

To receive the demo once it’s out, make sure to sign up below: